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Time….and time again…

Time….and time again…

Though times change…..they seem to come around again…at least some things.

Here I am……at  2023 Feast of Tabernacles hosted by my son’s ministry, Passion For Truth. My 6 grandchildren are here, my 2 grand sons-in-law and my two precious great-grandchildren. Our family has grown – but it has also lost … my young son, Jason, my husband Jim, and my parents Mickey & Ron – have passed through this time veil. My heart breaks when I allow myself to dwell even a moment on their not being here. And yes, they are here in spirit, I can ‘hear‘ the shofar blast that my husband did so very long ago in one of our first gatherings…….but I still miss them.

But as Jay would have said, ‘it is what it is Mom….keep going!’….So I do. And so must all of us –  just keep going until our journey as well has ended. Until then, I will treasure each moment with those who surround me with their love. They light up my life!

Sierra blowing the shofar


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