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This little girl is my beautiful, sweet, godly young Sierra … she turns 22 today…22! I can hardly believe it when I say it outloud….she was such a spry, active little thing, climbing up haystacks at the farm, letting tiny frogs crawl up her arm, running in and out of the sprinkler…dancing her heart out at nana camp….where have the years gone??? She is a delicate flower and one who smiles sweetly no matter what happens….she is one of a kind.

Sierra has blessed everyone she has come in contact with….from the tiny tots to the gray hairs … she is a truly an anointed musician and has a heart of tender mercies. Each and every one of my 8 grand-daughters holds a special place in  my heart and today Sierra is my ‘special girl’!

May the King of Kings kiss her gently on the cheek and let her know she is loved and treasured – just like her nana loves and treasures her!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


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