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Sukkot Musings…..

Sukkot Musings…..

Good morning! What a beautiful, serene morning…or mid-morning actually.  I’m enjoying a week-long break in the form of the seventh biblical feast day of the Lord. It’s called the Feast of Tabernacles, or in short, “Sukkot“.

The days have been so enjoyable, so serene, and so needed. Even the alone times – and I’ve had quite a bit of that – have been nourishing. The highlight though of my week so far has been our ‘Silver Seekers’ group consisting of some amazing, experienced ‘seniors’! Some are from as far away as CANADA and actively trying to save their country. Then there are others who are working right here at home ministering to those they come in contact with, preaching, teaching and standing tall. But all are in a spot in their journey of looking for ‘purpose‘.

That’s an interesting word-thought as I’ve had it prominently in the front of my face for some time now! After one is an empty-nester, then a widow, losing a child, and then parents … well, one starts to wonder..and that wondering can lead to different paths.

First…as with all things..there are 2 paths – or maybe it’s just a fork in the road. Which way to go? Down one lane of the fork leads to a self-pity playground. Or the other way that leads to an options playground? Well, of course one SHOULD choose the latter, but, well, sometimes you find your foot going down the former anyway. So back up, take a deep breath and slow down. You can do this!

So let’s start down the options road……what can we find? Well, this week has been a bit eye-opening for me, as I was truly headed, maybe half-way down, that other option….and I have been stopped short. One of the ladies from OUTSIDE this country – reminded all of us at our Silver Seniors group (yes I’m in that group!) that EVERYTHING we do has a purpose… That one smile, that encouraging word, that hug – all have their purpose! I had to sit down and shut my mouth on that as I felt my Father slap me upside the head.

So, please, if you relate to this, take a step back, breathe deeply and think of all the PURPOSE DRIVEN moments in your life … TODAY. Even if you are house-bound, reach out and touch someone! It takes only one step to cause your steps to increase…..Let’s GO!

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