About Us

coffeeWelcome to our home away from home for thoughts and musings as well as a stoop on the back porch to share some of the most important thoughts closest to my heart…my faith and family. And along the way a bit about our journey trying to blend the two.

Maybe not particularly interesting to anyone except .. well, probably me … and maybe my family, but it’s an outlet for me to be just, well, me. To write down my thoughts, add the pictures I want to add – here a little, there a little and maybe add a little to your life as you add to mine.

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Ancient Ways


The Ancient Ways of the Holy One, Our Father in Heaven, are listed in the pages of the bible. He says they are ‘forever‘ and that is what prompted me to begin this journey.  Somehow, ‘forever’ seemed like an awfully long time, and I wondered when it had ended.  So I began to explore what He meant…and it has been an exciting journey to be sure!

Learn more about the Feast Days of YHWH …

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...ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls...Jer. 6:16

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