Ancient Ways


The Ancient Ways of the Holy One, Our Father in Heaven, are listed in the pages of the bible. He says they are ‘forever‘ and that is what prompted me to begin this journey.  Somehow, ‘forever’ seemed like an awfully long time, and I wondered when it had ended.  So I began to explore what He meant…and it has been an exciting journey to be sure!

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The ‘Helpmate’

What is the role of women in this day and age? What was the role back in the day? You know, back in the day of the garden when the Creator of All decided that it was not good for man to be alone? Have you ever wondered what the role was then versus now on women in ‘ministry’? Are we living up to what the Holy One created us to be or have we been deluded by thousands of years of teachings of tradition, culture and history?

Ezer Kenegdo

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Restore to me the Joy of my YESHUA!

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