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Time marches on….

Time marches on….

Unfortunately….yes it does. But it could be a double edged sword as well. On one hand, you just simply get older….wrinkles and aches and pains and complaints. You’ve heard it before, ‘getting old sucks’ ... well, in that aspect – yes. But let’s look at it from a different perspective. And we all know – perspective changes everything.

Time heals all wounds” … is also an old saying, an old saying that is often true. Time does seem to lessen the raw feelings left by those who throw bombs at you. And even if you do remember those bomb clusters, they don’t hurt quite as much anymore. Time also helps heal the wounds of losing someone you love, of people disappointing you, of just simply life’s hurts.

Then…time also helps to hopefully give you a bit more wisdom when it comes to making decisions and choosing friends. At least it’s supposed to! Of course, some of us have to repeat the same mistake (or lesson) over and over until we ‘get it’.

Time can be boon or a bust……it’s up to you and how you want to ‘see’ it.

Just some thoughts…. ~ Pam ~

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