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A Day of Thanks

A Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving Day…..a day of festivity, family and food. Oh, and football games!

But is that all it is? Just a day set aside for all these things or is it deeper – is it more complicated than that? I think so.

Remember…this is really an age old fall celebration and you can trace it back to … well … the Feast of Tabernacles Sukkot! Yep, that’s right. It is a time of bringing in the harvest of the season and celebrating the bounty that the Holy One, Abba, has poured upon us. And because we can ‘tabernacle’ with the King of Kings it enables us to enjoy our friends and family and share our love for them and our faith.

So take time this Thanksgiving to look around the table…gaze at each person for a few minutes and ponder on how you can improve their life. Think of ways you can bless them as He has blessed you!

After all…it is a time of giving thanks!


~ Pam~

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