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A Week of Transformation!

A Week of Transformation!

It’s been almost a week – from the first of February, to the 7th….that I started a Ladies FB group called A Journey of Transformation – it’s for ladies only, and is hidden and private for good reason – it’s a safe place.

I have learned much about myself…..and have come closer to ‘being in His presence’ more than I have in a long time. Sometimes…life truly gets in the way of what is important. All the little nagging, routine day-to-day challenges that occupy our time take precedence and than….your prayer time takes a hit.

So this last week has been a way for many of us to S.T.O.P.D.R.O.P. and get on our K.N.E.E.S.   

We have taken time – sometimes more than once a day – to be not only PRESENT in the moment – but to be IN His Presence!

Have you taken time this week to BE IN HIS PRESENCE? If you haven’t stopped to acknowledge Him in every moment of your life, if you haven’t given him ‘your presence’ … than you are missing a great blessing and opportunity!

Try it……you’ll like it and be so much better for it!

~ Pam~
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