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Day 1 – Transformation Journey

Day 1 – Transformation Journey

February 1, 2024 …. time to begin our TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY!

This morning I arose, did my mundane stuff, dressed, let dog out, turned up heater, made coffee and than ALMOST turned on the ‘news’!

I then realized I had a choice and didn’t. I put the remote down and CHOSE to close my eyes and began to shut down the chatter in my head. Even though I had awakened at around 4am (to that old hacking cough) and prayed at that time, this was a choice.

As I sat in my comfy chair, I began to do the outline that I had posted on our FB group for this Transformation Journey – but it didn’t really go as planned. The conversation going on in my ‘head’ was like a 4 lane highway at peak traffic time. What to do? Well, I decided to speak to the brain…I told it to SHUT UP! and what do you know…….it did! Now, grant you, I had to repeat that order several times over the next 45 minutes – but with repetition comes perfection … or something like that.

Anyway, I tried to follow the outline I had posted in the group but the Ruach led me in different areas. Soon I was envisioning people that have come into my life – some were very unexpected – but I remembered that I was here to bless them … and I did my best to ‘see‘ them as my Father in Heaven sees them and I loved on each one. Each and every one. Sometimes a nasty situation would try to arise with a particular person which brought up negative emotions. When that happened … I stopped and ‘acknowledged‘ that emotion…I ‘owned‘ it…and then I simply rose above the feelings and with His help ‘saw‘ the good in that situation, in that person. After calling out the negative emotion (bitterness, anger, resentment, etc) I chose to ‘dismiss‘ it and ‘replace‘ that emotion with love, kindness, gentleness. You know – those ‘fruits of the spirit’!

Now, I totally believe that every situation/circumstance that comes into our lives is for a purpose. We simply have to be open to finding it. Once we can examine that time, that issue, we can then sort through those feelings and with His help, ‘let it go’. By doing that, we mature, we grow, we become more like HE sees us and less how WE see it!

My prayers ended with a very peaceful ‘closing’ and I felt like the Father was encouraging me to ‘have patience’.…not easy for someone who likes to have the details, know where she’s going and how long it will take to get there! But…word for Pam today – PATIENCE!

If you would like to join us in this Transformation, let me know and I’ll send you an invite!

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