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Transformation Journey
DAY 7!

DAY 7!

Well, our week of TRANSFORMATION has come to an end …..

From Feb 1 to Feb 7 we have walked together in a Journey of Transformation. We have held hands and encouraged each other with how our prayer journey has affected our lives, our sphere of influence and our walk with Yahuah!

I for one feel so much closer to my God. It was as if I ‘saw‘ His hand next to mine, and I slipped my hand back into His to walk alongside of Him. Again. It has been a week of focusing on thanking Him for blessing me in so  many ways for so many years – through thick and thin, the good and the bad and even the ugly.

Learning how to make GODLY decisions instead of just GOOD decisions is probably one of the best new objectives that has come from this past week. Now, as I go through my day…I stop, breathe and ponder (even if it’s only a few moments) to make that Godly decision. It’s getting easier to do that and for that I am so thankful.

I pray that you have been encouraged, been brought closer to your Creator, and have been able to focus on Him and make your own Godly decisions!

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