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To Treat or Not to Treat

To Treat or Not to Treat

You know.….scrolling thru FB, I see all these memes of not celebrating or celebrating Halloween….and yes, I used to celebrate Halloween – went all out. From a kid I dressed up and went out with parents and friends and got loads of candy – ate on it for months. When I was a teenager I walked the streets of my safe little town with other teens and had a blast … we tp’d, we sang, we kidded each other and we had loads of candy….as a young mother I dressed my own kids up and went door to door as well. Loads of candy.

Then…….after I turned 30ish, something started ‘gnawing’ at me and I began questioning a lot of things. My faith, my church, my belief system….lots of things…. And then I got ‘saved‘ is what they called it. I still celebrated Halloween but I wondered ‘why’? Why would I celebrate a holiday that focused on death … and demons … and horror just for a load of candy and just because everyone else did it? Why?

And then … I truly believe the Creator of the Universe called my name and I “HEARD” him. All of the sudden…I wanted to please HIM … not my friends, not my family, not my relatives. And yes, I lost quite a few in those first few years. But the ‘spell’ was broken and I no longer needed to celebrate any holiday that was not FROM Him….and not one person can say that Halloween or All Hallows Day came directly from the King of Kings. Not one.

So…for about the 25th year, I will not be celebrating this Halloween. Nada…not for any amount of candy – but I will take advantage of the 1/2 price candy in the following days 🙂


What holidays do I celebrate you ask? Oh .. you can find them specifically laid out in Leviticus 23 … and it says THE FEAST DAYS OF THE “LORD” … and it also says they are perpetual, so I figure those are the ones I should observe. just saying 😉

One of our first ever celebrations of the upcoming feast of Hanukkah! Must have been back in the late 80’s early 90’s …. look at that hairstyle!  but it was such a blessing to teach my two boys, my nephews and nieces….the other side of the story!

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