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Just a piece of bread….

Just a piece of bread….

Sometimes….you just have to make some bread….and that’s what I did yesterday – I pulled out my sourdough starter and said….’wake up’!

So out came the flour, the salt (Himalayan of course!), honey and my large bowl … after waiting several minutes for the water and starter to mingle and do their dance, I added my organic King Arthur flour, a little salt and a dose of local honey. After mixing it all up and ‘blessing’ it so that the dance would continue until the final bow, I dusted my new Banneton Proofing Set, which came with so many goodies, with a good dose of flour and set aside my prize….waiting impatiently for it to rise.

As we wait…take a look at my Banneton Set – it’s amazing! And yes, this is an Amazon plug, but it truly is a really neat package!


So, it rose beautifully, baked wonderfully and tasted awesomely! Sometimes…like I said, you just need a piece of fresh bread – smeared with butter and honey….yummmmmmm……


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