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Ancient Days
Meeting a New Season….

Meeting a New Season….

The Why and the How....

A long….long…time ago, in a galaxy far away….oh no – that was something else! However, it was a long, long time ago, and in a distant city, that I first discovered the ancient biblical ways. I have not left that galaxy behind, I am still here…even though sometimes I truly do feel in a galaxy far, far away from where I started!

So many journeys have taken place since that moment in time when the Creator of the all universes lifted back the veil of my well planned out journey to ‘see’ from a different vantage point. What I saw…..literally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – changed my life!

As you can see in the picture above, it looks (if memory serves me correct) about 40 years ago – judging from the ages of my nephew, and niece. My mom, may her memory be blessed, looked on as I explained the meaning of one of the historical days (Hannukah) that was celebrated by our forefathers as a signpost of their journey – and one my Messiah would have been conceived at, and then celebrated. My entire large family thought I was off my rocker.

As I ponder all the years inbetween that first awakening and where I find myself today, so much has changed, so much has transpired. Many times, when I close my eyes, I picture myself stopping to catch my breath in the middle of an ancient rock bridge that stretches from one majestic canyon to another. As I stare intently down into the rushing waters below, visions of places, people and ideas rush by without noticing the one above who is trying to ‘remember‘ a little bit more before reaching the other side.

Maybe during this week, I will remind myself of all the waters that are flowing so quickly under that bridge. Some may find it interesting, others boring, but sometimes, you just have to tell the story.

This story, this week, will be about learning and doing the seventh Feast Day in the bible – it’s found throughout the scriptures. Consider this as we journey through the week:

Sukkot celebrates the earth’s harvest (Deuteronomy 6:13-15) and it is a time to thank God for His blessings. But more importantly, Sukkot commemorates Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, as described in Leviticus 23:34-44.

So I hear the naysayers….but it’s a JEWISH FEAST! We have been taught that and as sheep, have believed without verifying. Read Leviticus 23:34-44, but take special notice of verse 37:

37 “‘These are the feasts of the Lord which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocation…

So I ask you now, does it say “JEWISH” ? No it does not….and if you read Romans 11:11-31, specifically verse 37 – you will notice that our NEW Testament says that those who serve the One true God, are grafted in!

17 But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root[b] of the olive tree, 18 do not be arrogant toward the branches.

But that is another story…This one is about Sukkot …. Today I find myself on that same, yet different, journey …. one that truly is a new season. I am alone, yet not. I am more than 1/2 way across that bridge, yet it goes on forever. This week, it is a re-examination of myself and what is left of my purpose and journey. If there is still a journey, there is still a purpose – for me – and for you.  I know I’m not alone.

So walk with me this week as we travel through time and space and discover a newness, a freshness, a journey yet untold. And it all begins with this:

Deep in the heart of the Ozarks…..till later! Have a blessed morning!


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