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What in the WORLD?

What in the WORLD?

When you look around, there is simply so much going on in all parts of the world – it is enough to throw up your hands and say “ENOUGH“!!!

Some days…that is exactly how I feel and I am sure you do too. But is that what we are to do? Give up? Despair? Throw that proverbial white towel up in the air and say “I QUIT”?

 I’ve done that too.

But, then, I see the smiling face of my King….and embrace His love for me as He hands me back my discarded white towel and says,”Ok, youngun, dry your eyes, and let’s try again”. 

And I realize, as I dry my tears, that there is no where I would rather be, than in the arms of my King.

So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and let’s try again.



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