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A bit of Sunshine

A bit of Sunshine

is all it takes to brighten a bit of a day! Today, well, it was absolutely gorgeous….the morning was bright with sunshine, a flicker of a cool breeze every few minutes and chickadees a singing!

As I sat on the patio this morning indulging in a delicious organic coffee, blended with a bit of MCT oil, my spirit rose with each little melody the wrens and chickadees greeted me with. Then to my surprise, a little hummer swept in, fluttered in front of me and proceeded to drink his fill of the sugar water. I thanked them all!

Serena was ever faithful at my side surveying her territory and noticed the orange fat cat in the back – which was sitting still as a statue at the bottom of the old tree, waiting for that squirrel to ignore the harm waiting on the ground. Personally, I think they play a game of cat and … uh… squirrel, as soon he skooted down, flew over the sitting cat and sprinted across the yard to the next tree and made his way to safety! It bothered Serena to no end!

As the day wore on, and the sun began to slowly rise and fall, a cooler air began to settle and the smell of rain drifted down. Within minutes, a flash of lightening, a large thunder clap and a wave of fresh rain descended. However, it slowed into a sweet and easy drizzle and made the evening a blessing to my soul, and my many plants!

What an enjoyable Sabbath!

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