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A Line in the Sand…

A Line in the Sand…

So what do you think….is there truly a line in the sand that the Holy One is drawing? Do we feel that way simply because of the state of the chaos in our world? Maybe…maybe it’s a bit of both.

God is always drawing a line in the sand…for you and for me – for everyone. And that proverbial line is being drawn many times during our journey in this life. It has happened throughout  history and will continue long after we’re gone.

So, if that’s true, let’s pay attention to the line. Do you feel that there is a line in the sand before you on your path? Why? What is going on in your life? If you ‘see’ that line, and don’t know what is going on, then it’s time you take a step back and consider what is all going on in your life. Time to get real!

If you feel that there is a dead-bolt in that once open door, if you feel that you’re stuck in the middle and can’t get out, if you are confused at the fork in the road, then pay attention! It’s time to stop, drop and pray!

Ask the Father to show you what might be going on in your life, be humble and open to His correction. He loves you…..return to Him!

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