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A Little Bit of Oil

A Little Bit of Oil

On my journey to regain my health, let it be known that I have tried just about everything. And that ‘everything‘ is quite a long list – from herbs to weeds, from a myriad of supplements to bleach…(yeah I know). I have tried them all – or at least all up till today 🙂 Tomorrow I may find something new.

You see, almost 9 years ago we bought a foreclosure house that had black mold in the basement. Yes, we knew it had mold, but we were not overly concerned as we did NOT realize how devastating it could be. During those first two years of owning the house, we did everything we could to eliminate all mold. And we did. Unfortunately, the damage was done.

For the last 7 years I have tried everything possible to heal my lungs and the sinus problems that came from it. After self-medicating for the first 6 months, I sought medical help. Unfortunately, the medical field is not prone to handle any ‘mold issues’. Nor do they like to be told how to do their job. So of course, they simply labeled it ‘asthma‘ and prescribed the usual meds. Nothing helped. Nothing. So I reached back into my health cabinet memory bank and started pulling out everything I’ve ever heard or studied – all to no avail.

If any of you are going thru anything similar, contact me and let’s compare notes. One thing I have learned … and one thing I always go back to … and that is my pure essential oils. And yes, I’ve tried just about every brand out there – but I always seem to come back to the original. Young Living Essential Oils.

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~ Pamela~


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