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Do You Just Fit IN? Or Do You Belong?

Do You Just Fit IN? Or Do You Belong?

So what does that actually mean? If you ‘fit in’ doesn’t that mean you belong?! Well, not really … let’s explore that a little bit.

FITTING IN …. well, if you take a group of people and you want to ‘fit in’ than you have to evaluate the people you want to fit in with – right? You glance at their clothes, you take in their facial feature, judge their conversation … and then … what do you do? You CHANGE your appearance, you match their facial features, you try to agree with their viewpoints, and you try to ‘fit in’. Looking different, being different, having different ideas and opinions will NOT allow you to fit in!

But …. ahhh … to belong is totally different! TO BELONG is to be yourself, and STILL be accepted. You can look different, have different viewpoints, be totally different than the next person ... and they accept you – just for who you are.

So … ask yourself … do you just want to FIT IN or do you want to BELONG?

Personally, I want to BELONG!

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