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Inspection Time?

Inspection Time?

Have you been taking this season – the season of Elul – to inspect yourself? Yes, that’s what I said, INSPECT YOURSELF!

If you are not aware of it, or if you are new to walking in the journey of the fullness of the word, then this is the month that we take time to ready ourselves before the fall holidays. This is the month of Elul. Each day we read Psalm 27 and take time to examine our life’s choices for the past year. It is time to get real.

So if you have not taken the time to examine your life, not taken the time to reflect and inspect, do so now! It’s never too late to turn back – teshuvah – to our King!

May this Shabbat be one of blessing and joy!

~ Pam ~

Seems like a life-time ago – but one not forgotten.
One of our wonderful times together as a family celebrating the month of Elul as we made our temporary Sukkah! My husband Jim, blowing the shofar as our family gathered together. Little Sierra stands in wonder at her Papa!

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