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A little girl’s dream…

A little girl’s dream…

After our boys were grown and married, Jim and I turned our thoughts towards allowing that ‘dream‘ to become reality. What was that dream? Well, to be honest, it was a little girl’s dream – my dream. But my husband, Jim,  was just that kind of guy….he lived to make other people’s dreams come true ~ whether it was myself, the kids or anyone else.

He was just … always there … always on call.

I miss him dearly.

We saved, we toiled and we built this beautiful ranch from the ground up…..literally. The barn and pond was there – and the old fencing…the rest is ‘our dream house’.

After living in that tiny trailer, plugging into electric in the barn for almost 5-6 months … this was the result of that dream….memories abound.

Thank you Jim….

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