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It’s a Journey

It’s a Journey

When people write and ask me how to ‘find their ministry’, or ‘what is their goal’ – I simply reply by saying…..

“It’s a Journey – take one day at a time”.

And that is how I try to live….I prepare for the future, I glean from the past, but I try to live in the here and now.  Now, granted, life isn’t always a piece of cake, never tends to be smooth-sailing for any length of time and so we come to the realization that our journey is simply a path of ups and downs, potholes and cracks. But could it be more than that? Could it be possible that those cracks in the highway, the potholes at every stop sign, all the bumps in the road are what makes a life journey a JOURNEY worth living?

Think about it – if we simply live day to day in couch-mode…or survival mode… you miss the sometimes subtle messages in the bumps in the road! Change your perspective and you will change your life journey! Ask yourself WHY you came to that particular bump in the road … where did you stop … what happened … who was there? Examine every little speck in that bump in the road and learn a bit more about yourself, your surroundings and your purpose!

The journey of life is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride when you’re in the front seat. But again, every bump in the road is not a disaster (or from the devil!) it’s an opportunity for growth and when you view it as such your life will be filled with wonder and glory! THEN you are able to step INTO life with an open hand and willing heart as life unfolds.

So treat each and every inch of the way with a heart searching for opportunity and new life will materialize before you! As I’ve said before….

“It’s a journey – ENJOY every moment of it!”


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