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Stuck in the middle…

Stuck in the middle…

So just wondering….anyone else out there feel like they ‘are stuck in the middle’? Sometimes..well, I just feel stuck…stuck…stuck…stuck.

But that’s such a self-defeating victim attitude and it serves no purpose except to sink into that …. stuckness.

If you find yourself ‘stuck‘ way too often and the slime at the bottom of the pit keeps getting gooier and gooier and you feel like you are sinking, then it’s time to step up….step up and step out. It might take a few tries, but keep trying, you’re worth it!

You may ask, ok, I’m ready to get out of this pit….how do I do that? First of all…look around you – what do you see? Find just one thing that is positive – one thing that is goodjust one thing. Now, turn your gaze and find one more…and then one more…and one more. These, my friend, are blessings that surround you each and every day. We become immune to their ‘flavors’ and ‘scents’ because, well, they are just there.  Where would you be if they weren’t?

Time to get….UNstuck!

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