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The Great I Am

The Great I Am

Now here’s a good word we could all live by – A great description of the

Great “I AM”

by Bill Bullock:
He is the Ultimate Creative Genius. And He’s really, really KIND and PATIENT and MERCIFUL and FORGIVING and FAITHFUL TO COVENANT to boot. He never gets depressed, He is never afraid, He cannot be intimidated, and He refuses to be offended. He has no pet peeves. He never gives up on either His Covenant or on any of the fallible people with whom He, despite full knowledge of their fallibility, made the conscious choice to pursue, court, and cut a Covenant He knew they could never fully keep. He is never in a bad mood, and He never behaves badly out of anger or frustration. He never even gets distracted from His Mission and Purpose and Priorities by our bratty moments of drama.
Pretty Cool, eh?

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