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Saw this meme on FB today…and it really hit home with me. Maybe cause I’m having to realize that I’m ‘old’ .. well, getting there anyway! When I was 20 I thought 40 was ‘old‘ – when I was 40 I thought 60 was ‘old‘ .. and now, that I’m >70< (did I actually say that OUTLOUD?!)... well, needless to say I feel OLD.

But being ‘old’ has some very fine points … one has lots of ‘points‘ to stop at when you take a look back! Lots of them! Some really good, some not so good – and some, well some you wish you could just forget. Thankfully, the more days that pass by, the less I dwell on those not so memorable memories. I dwell and ponder and relive some of the most treasured images that flood across my movie screen mind. It is amazing that I still stand tall (or try to). It is awesome that I can still smile (even through the tears). And it is astonishing to witness the ripples in my pond!

As this week draws to a close, I can only count my blessings….and there are so many of them that the smile on my face is unshakeable. Thank you O Holy One for making the journey of life so full of twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs…..it sure has been one heck of a trip!

~ Pam ~


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