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Yes,  Shabbat has come to the midwest and I for one, say “YEAH”!!!!!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re simply missing out on one of Yahweh’s greatest blessings.

This is the time when I gather my thoughts and put them on the shelf. It is a time when I sit down at my kitchen table, light the Shabbat candles and gaze at the flames kissing the air as they rise and fall. As they seem to lick the atmosphere, it is easy to imagine  the LIGHT of the world gazing back into my eyes, and easing all my issues of the week.

As dusk fades into the darkness my mind releases all the worries of the week, and does what my Father in Heaven did so long ago…simply REST. It almost feels as if I’m joining Him at His table as the meal begins and all of the sudden, I don’t feel so alone.

Try it….you’ll like it!



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