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Recipe for the Week

Recipe for the Week

The recipe for the week – is one that is close to my heart. In fact….really close, since my lungs are in the same place. And that is why I raise my own mullein and then dry the leaves and create tinctures.

Mullein is probably the ‘go to’ herb for all things respiratory. After filling a quart size mason jar with dried mullein leaves and then filling it with organic vegetable glycerin … I waited….and waited … and waited.

After 3 months, I finally pulled it out of the pantry (shaking it daily) and strained the golden contents with a cheesecloth into a bowl. After squeezing as much out as possible, I poured it into various brown colored glass bottles. I’m set for the year!

After pouring the tincture into the various bottles, I also decided to up the formula – and added a few slices of fresh ginger (also home grown), a cinnamon stick and for good measure a bit of cayenne pepper. Now, if that don’t kick congestion and coughs…don’t know what will!

If you have any questions, or enjoy ‘tincturing’ give me a holler!

~ Pam ~

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