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Are You On The Journey?

Are You On The Journey?

What journey is that? YOUR JOURNEY! We are all on a journey to somewhere. That is the question. What journey are you on? A journey of life, fullness and well-being? Or a journey of defeatism, blame-setting and dis-ease?

Well, I guess that is the centuries old question…we are all on a journey to somewhere. We just have to figure out which road we want to take to get there. How does one do that? There are many ways and of course, many forks in the road. But knowing your GPS is paramount to getting to the end successfully!

So, first things first….look at where you are at. Do you like the situation you’re in? If not…then take a few moments and evaluate that situation and examine options. We all have options! You may not think you do – but you do! Take some time and ponder the different forks in the road you have taken – maybe one or two (or a myriad) have been the wrong fork. But you know what?!!! It’s ok! Because without all those forks in the road that you’ve taken – you would not be thinking or pondering right now.

So, take a step back, breathe deeply……and make some decisions…it ain’t over till it’s over!

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