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Curtain Call

Curtain Call

Another song came on right after the last one…..and it was perfect. My parents were the ultimate in everything they did … really! From raising 6 rambunctious kids, to Girl Scouts and Basketball. From unconditional support when toddlers became teenagers and then young adults to always being there in troubles and needs. They jitter-bugged their way through life – always smiling, always glass half full – always moving forward. And now the curtain call came.

When this song popped up – I could just see my mom & dad ‘closing their show‘ with this song…

They changed her clothes for the last time, hung up the microphone, put the bling jewelry away, and hung their hats on the wall (I have those hats!). Their last curtain call was met with tears, and heartache – but they are as close as the wind – and we’ll see them again!

They closed their eyes and pictured our faces (I’m sure!) and their beautiful lives did not go to waste! So as they hang their hats on the wall, they can still hear the applause of all they touched thru their many years on this earth.

The curtain may be closed on this side, but…..

We will see you again Mom & Dad!

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