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Going thru hell?

Going thru hell?

Sometimes….you feel like you’re going thru the proverbial hell. 

I would venture to say that most of us who have walked this earth have felt that way at one time or another. All of us have an escapism that we reach out to in order to survive. Mine is putting pen to paper….and listening to music. There is something about how words set to frequencies can either soothe the soul or enrage it. Everyone knows it. It’s just something that is part of our wiring.

This year has been extremely difficult … it has been like walking thru the flames of the underworld, sapping my strength, lapping at every ounce of energy that happens to make its way past the embers that are waiting for a fresh burst of air so that they can explode again.

This song caught my attention – no idea why – but it perfectly brought to mind that from a broken heart, from the depths of hell, one can ‘live‘ again, one can sing again. 

I’ve always said to others ‘change your perspective and you change your life’. But it seems hardest to implement when you are speaking those words to oneself. This song reminded me that some of the best songs (lives) come from broken hearts. 

I thought I had mended the pieces of my broken heart after losing my youngest son, Jason…..then my husband Jim … going on seven years now.  I thought I could finally take a breath, collect myself … but then this year …. this year … well, it is like the culmination of all broken hearts. Mom passed in January and my daddy six months later, and I find myself on my knees, again … digging deep into my soul … trying to find that well of life that springs eternal.

So while my heart is still tender…still fragile…feeling like I’ve failed, losing everything … I’m determinedI’ll find that well. And when I do – I will live a life bringing forth life, sharing with others how to walk thru tragedies. .. NO ..  how to walk through LIFE, head held high, knowing that the Well of LIFE is found deep within the soul! And that is where you will find HIMHe who lifts up the soul! The King of Kings!

So if you’re going thru hell…..just keep going! You’ll find that well of LIFE!

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