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During the Month of Teshuvah

During the Month of Teshuvah

During this ‘custom‘ created centuries ago as a way to be ready to approach the fall feast days, given to us by the Creator Himself, every one of us need to bow our knee and search our hearts. Summer is coming to a close and Fall is fast approaching. The last several Feast Days of the Lord Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot found in Levitcus 23, are over flowing with prophecy and fulfillment. As it is with the spring feast days, you simply don’t want to be left out of the richness of these fall feast days!

So let’s being. Search our hearts for what? For dis-ease in our hearts … well, let’s just say it outloud – SIN. Yes, dear friends, it’s just plain and simple … SIN. All dis-ease is simply the heart being out of alignment. Would you agree? Think about it – stress, causes stomach pains, muscle tension, headaches and so much more (dis-ease = disease); anger, lust, bitterness etc…eats you up from the inside out. So I welcome … the month of ELUL and a set-apart time to reflect inward. If my disease has resulted from misalighnment of my heart, then releasing that dis-ease may help in my healing!

Yes, Elul is made up of various traditions – they are not a commandment of the Most High God, but the traditions that have come forth help us to remember and observe.

These traditions that have arisen in various ages of Judaism throughout the years have come together for such a time as we are living in! In fact, a man named Judah Loew ben Bezalel, known as simply Maharal of Prague, 1525–1609), said:  “All the month of Elul, before eating and sleeping, a person should look into his soul and search his deeds, that he may make confession.” Just as it was said in the 15th century, it is imperative that we take it to heart today in this century!

Another tradition, sounding the shofar during the entire month, is mentioned in an eighth-century midrash, Pirkei Derebbi Eliezer. This midrash relates it to the time when Moses ascended Sinai receiving the second set of tablets. Through Moses’ intercession God was willing to not destroy Israel because of the golden calf incident. So the blowing of the shofar became common-place each evening during the month of Elul.

Then we have the most famous of all – the acronym of Elul – ‘I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.’ This beautiful line is from the Song of Songs (6:3) – and in the Hebrew, it reads: ani ledodi vedodi li. The midrash interprets the Song of Songs to be seen as representing Israel and God. It is an intimate relationship between the two lovers and so we have the entire month dedicated to reconciling ourselves with our Creator, deeping the relationship between us.

So this is the time dear friends, dear family, that we need to dig deeper – maybe deeper than we’ve every dug before to get rid of all the issues we tend to hold onto to justify our behavior. Our lives, our freedoms, our very lives hang in the balance – we see it all around us every single day. Maybe it is just me…but i doubt it..as every day I answer questions from around the world asking ‘what is going on’? My answer, to them and to myself, is this:

Judgment is coming and HIS WILL will be done!

So I implore you – each and every one of you – to take this month, this month of Elul, to deepen your relationship with your Beloved, with God. I know I am.

One of our first Feast of Tabernacles...filled with family and friends!


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