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Hump Day….

Hump Day….

Yep……that’s what today feels like for me. Trying to get past the hump.
Sometimes one just has to keep going … even if everything seems to be falling apart. And…while my advise to everyone who asks how to get out of one of those slump/hump days is to change your perspective. But then, as we all know, sometimes your own advise is the most difficult to follow. This slump/hump day is one of those days.

So I can ‘hear‘ you asking – what’s the problem? Well, sometimes you just feel, let’s be honest, like crap. Today is one of those days. The health issues that I’ve dealt with for the last ten years just won’t seem to go away. No matter who I go to, what I try, the wacky or medical protocols  that I have been subjected to – it always seems to sneak back in and take me down. Today is one of those days.

And…..I can hear the second question….why are you sharing this? What’s the purpose? Actually, it’s two fold….escape and regroup. Writing about something has always given me an escape to be able to bring things into prospective, to ‘see‘ things as they are and as they aren’t. To regroup. So I am escaping and regrouping on this hump day.

Thank you for allowing me to vent!


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