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The Week Begins … again

The Week Begins … again

It is a new week…..or is it? It can be new … or it can be one more day in an infinite number of days with no change, no progress, nothing.

Looking at it from the latter point of view, one sees continued chaos, ongoing hatred, division of humanity. If we follow that vein of thinking, than nothing ever changes….we will continue to see, to hear, and to be involved in the inhumanity to man. 

So….what to do about it?

Well, one thing we can all do is to change our perspective….what you believe is how you will act. Sometimes, such in witnessing the chaos and devastation of man’s cruelty to fellow man, perspective can be lost – revenge takes it place. Revenge and hatred.….powerful motivators. But so are peace and love.

Yes … it is many….many… times more difficult to go from revenge and hatred to peace and love … but determining oneself to get to peace and love is the answer to inner peace.

My youngest son, Jason, would sometimes say, ‘It is what it is mom….keep going forward’ …

I try to remember his words of wisdom (may his memory be blessed) when hatred and revenge want to arise within me for the chaos and inhumanity that permeates this world. His words drift up from somewhere deep within – and settle my spirit … because he was right … and if we keep going forward, we will come to that place of peace and love….

“It is what it is …. keep going forward”

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