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Just a bad day…

Just a bad day…

So you had a bad day….do you remember that song?

As you listen to the lyrics…I’ll bet a tiny smile is tryin to tickle your lips. Brings back some way back memories from years ago, doesn’t it? It does for me. Even though the lyrics seem ‘sad‘ – somehow the melody manages to lift you up a bit. If not…let’s go thru it and add a few tips to do so.

You’re kickin up the faded, fallen leaves of life and you can’t see the rainbow of your dreams…that’s ok, there are new leaves agrowin on your tree!

Faking your smile? Yeah, we all do that once in a while – and that’s ok. Just recognize that every struggle brings  results, look for the strength in those struggles.

A blue sky holiday? Oh but there is always so much more! Blues and violets and wispy clouds – even dingy grey brings new life all around you! In season and out it just calls for a fresh new perspective.

It is SO VERY TRUE that the system goes on the blink – chaos all around – and everything looks upside down but you WILL make it back – you WILL turn it around! All it takes is a big deep breath and a bit of hope in your heart.

Without those ‘bad‘ days, we have no struggles, we learn nothing and there is no opportunity to help one appreciate the good days! Just ask yourself what was it that caused your ‘bad day’ – was it one little thing or a myriad of things?

And yep, it’s ok to cry. Abba gave us tears to release the built-up pressure that rises up within us – it’s our ‘vent‘ for the pressure cooker inside! And asking for help is a sign of a strength you might not know you possessed. Sharing our hurts always presents new options.

Stop and make your check list, own them and dismiss them! Try it this way the next time you ‘have a bad day’:

    • Identify & call it out…
    • Look at it for what it is…
    • And know that tomorrow … will be a better day!

And best of all….those bad days … well, they are temporary! Remember that – they are TEMPORARY! So choose to ‘look at them’ with different eyes and CHOOSE to go forward!

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