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Looking forward to…..

Looking forward to…..


Every Friday afternoon it seems my entire sense of being shifts….

It shifts from the mundane to the holy because I know that the window of Shabbat is slowly opening and fresh air is beginning to circulate in the recesses of my cluttered brain cells. Brain cells that have been inundated with the chaos of the world, the never ending talking heads that monopolize the peace of His kingdom and the monotonous routine duties that nab our time during the week.

But then……Friday afternoon rolls around and the senses seem to know something is about to happen, they anticipate that renewal, refreshing and liberation is at hand. At least in my world.

So if you have not experienced the peace and beauty of resting from all the week’s obligations on the Creator’s calendar – SABBATH – then you may just want to indulge. I promise, you’ll like it!

woman closing her eyes against sun light standing near purple petaled flower plant
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