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Lucky? Nope – Blessed

Lucky? Nope – Blessed

Sometimes….you just have to share. .I’ve been having a hard week with my  health … but not as bad as last month. 

Anyway … last nite I couldn’t stop praying and begging .. yep … begging the Holy One to answer my prayers to heal my body. And yet again…didn’t not really getting any answers. Sometimes, silence is really not that golden.

So, this morning I woke up early, did my morning prayers for all my ‘kids’ and just asked Him if he was listening to me at all.

So got up, and got on with life, did some ministry work and then took a ‘break’ by going to the grocery store (finally!) to pick up a few needed items, placed groceries in car and slammed the cart into the stand and left.

It’s a short ride from my driveway to the store and the weather is fairly nice, so I just enjoyed the ride home. Unloaded groceries after my short trip … and then….TERROR gripped me! I could NOT find my phone! My deepest fear – losing my phone!!  Several which  cc’s and $’s and all those needed items … surely it was in the car. After tearing everything apart, I realized it had to be in the cart! I just knew I left it in that cart!!!!

After tearing out the garage one more time, I sped back to Walmart, begging God to let it be there or turned in – tears in eyes! I went first to the lane where it was, even though I was driving down the wrong way – and against ALL ODDS – IT WAS STILL HERE!!!! MY BRIGHT PINK PHONE CASE WAS STILL IN THE CART!!!!

Slamming on the brakes, apologizing to the lady trying to drive the ‘right’ way, I raced out of the car –grabbed it – and just kept thanking God for hearing my plea. An old gentleman was walking by and he just laughed outloud and said “one lucky gal you are’ and I said – nopeI’m one blessed gal and this was my GOD WINK … we both laughed …. and I drove back home just shaking my head and telling Him “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”.

Bottom line? No matter what, He really is listening … and sometimes … well He just says not yet. But today …. He winked.

Have a blessed and bountiful day!



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