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Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective

It is time...especially with a new year fast approaching…to take stock of our lives and consider whether or not a change is needed. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you happy with where you are at in life?
    • Do you desire more in your life?
    • Do you think you can change certain things?
    • Are you willing and determined to succeed in 2024?

Now of course I can hear everyone saying YES, as they nod their head up and down. But the bigger question, of course, is *** HOW ***?

Well, first things first – consider keeping a journal for the next month. Each morning as you sip your coffee or tea, review the list and chart your progress. Begin with a bullet point list and write down your thoughts on what you’d like to change in your life. Then, proceed to write down some of the triggers or issues that you’d like to overcome in order to empower your life going forward.

Here’s a practical way of tackling that list that has proven helpful in my own life. First and foremost, cover yourself in prayer and ask the Father to help you as you peel back the layers, and to walk with you as you rebuild and renew your life. As you examine your heart, allow Him to give you revelation on how to proceed. Remember, we need to renew our mind daily … sometimes it’s not a one-time fix.

    • RECOGNIZE the problem/issue and allow it to rise to the surface as you examine it and ponder it’s relevance in your life.
    • ACKNOWLEDGE that this trigger, or issue, or problem is REAL…it has happened to you, it was your reality, and it is still affecting you right now in the present.
    • CALL IT OUT for what it is – an emotional break in having harmony and fruitfulness in your life. It may help to speak/call it out loud: “Anger, bitterness, shame, etc…, I RECOGNIZE you, I ACKNOWLEDGE that this happened and this is how I feel about it.

Then….after you have spent the time needed to assess the problem, and addressed it for what it is……….than……

    • DISMISS IT. Yes, you heard right … Speak it out loud – I DISMISS you anger and replace you with LOVE, I DISMISS you bitterness and replace you with JOY, …” and so forth…. 
    • Visualize it as if you are sending it to the outermost never-to-return regions. Wrap it up and give it to the One who heals all, forgives all, and makes one whole.
This is the day, this is the year…and this is the time to


and it will


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