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The day before Christmas….

The day before Christmas….

The night before Christmas and all through the house…. not one light was blinking nor mistletoe hung...it was all quiet and still in the house.

WHAT? Have you become a GRINCH? Are you out of your mind? You don’t celebrate the most beloved holiday ever known to man? The crowd roared with disbelief!

With eyes that twinkled and a dimple so merry, I winked my eye and with a twist of my head, said nope, nada….not no more.

Family and friends just hung their head, a tear trickled down an eye….they didn’t understand. WAIT!! I exclaimed!! Let me explain! So I began to share my story of finding the real Feast Day that God ordained. I picked up the bible, and began to speak…from Genesis I read … explaining that God had a plan and it involved 7 feasts!

Oh…..and Christmas isn’t on that list ….. just saying.

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