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Microgreens….Trial Run!

Microgreens….Trial Run!


Well, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. It’s been over 2 weeks and this is all the taller they are….I’m supposed to be able to harvest in 7-10 days….ok ok ok… I know … I didn’t have a ‘light’ on them. I trusted the sunlight and let them go dark at night.
Lesson Learned. Will buy a grow light. 🙂
Have you had any experience with growing microgreens? I easily grow sprouts all the time – but this was my first time ever trying micros. My ‘adopted son’ Christian supplied me with all these goodies, but I didn’t make him proud 🙂 …. ahhh well, live and learn and will try again!
And if you want to try it yourself and let me know how you fare, it’s pretty inexpensive to get started! Check out this setup from Amazon:

You can order this whole set for under $30!

Click on link below to order:

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