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More About…

From those early days of searching the detours, the paths, the road blocks, well, were many that opened my eyes and shut my mouth.

My two boys were in fourth and fifth grade when that search began, and now, with just my oldest son, Jim, here with me, the search still continues. He has found ‘his’ spot – with Passion for Truth Ministries – but my search for truth has not been deterred. I still need answers.

During those early days when the boys were in grade school, I was one determined lady. One of my loves was animals, in particularly dogs and horses. I showed both. But I was willing to part with my personal horse, whom I trained from just a young stallion, to find out those answers. I offered my local parrish priest the $amount that I would gain from his sale, if he would only allow me to teach the ‘bible’ to the 4th & 5th grade in an elective bible study. Nope…no…nadda..not a chance he said. Roadblock.

But I didn’t let that deter me – not then – not now. So I looked elsewhere. That led me to a vibrant Jewish community in the heart of St. Louis. After all, I deducted, if the bible were a ‘Jewish book, written by Jews, to Jews, in Jerusalem’, why not go to the Jews! Yes…it helps sometimes to be naive!

However, that first trip to a little Jewish bookstore (and I do mean LITTLE) lit the flame and struck up a fire that has never diminished. As I slowly entered that storefront, I have to admit, I held my breath. Wasn’t quite sure if they would ‘know‘ that I wasn’t ‘Jewish‘ or if they would ask me to leave. Well, they did know the first, but they never asked me to leave. In fact, that sweet, soft-spoken Rabbi answered every question I had and then some. However, he did leave me with my mouth open. He said he would not sell me anything unless I could answer one question for him…so…I bit, what? He said “how many animals did Noah take on the ark?” Oh….I smugly smiled, I knew this! I blurted out “2 of EACH”! LOL… yep – wrong answer. He told me to go home and read my bible and come back when I had the correct answer.

Totally humiliated, I slowly turned to leave – and he smiled with a grin I’ll never forget – and admitted he was kidding. He would definitely sell me the books clutched in my arms but he would like for me to come back when I knew the answer.

And I did...come back. Below is one of my favorite books, which I purchased at that bookstore – and I still have it – 30+ years later!

If you want to dig deeper into the Hebrew language,
you can purchase this book here:

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    • Author gravatar

      Hello Pam. I’m assuming the website had some sort of disaster and this is the new beginning.?
      I believe this is fitting for this season. Roadside Ministries is also experiencing a new beginning.
      Let’s talk

      • Author gravatar

        hello back at you Pam 😉 … yes… but it was a woman-made disaster…but it was time for a new beginning. Do I know where I’m going? nope….just trying to take one step at a time….and …. yep – “Let’s TALK”!

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