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Welcome, again!

Welcome, again!

Thank you for bearing with us as we endeavor to rebuild our website presence. Fair warning, there may be some links ‘under construction’ or even a link or two that just fall into the abyss somewhere. If you happen to trip into one of those, please send me an email and let me know.

I’m working hard to update everything and while everything ‘before’ is long ‘gone’ … I hope and pray that this new version of In Ancient Footsteps touches you in ways that help you along your journey!

If you signed up for our newsletter before, well, that’s in the bottomless pit as well – so please sign up one more time! And as always, we will not bombard you with daily emails. Our Newsletter comes out on Friday and will include all weekly posts. Some weeks there may be one, some weeks a handful, but hopefully all will be useful tools for your toolbox.

Blessings and shalom to all who visit.


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