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The Story of Life…inside Chanukah

The Story of Life…inside Chanukah

The story of life you say? Yes. I believe that one can discover the meaning of ‘life‘ inside the symbolism and history of this minor feast day….this historical event where a handful of determined, patriotic, God-fearing people overcame the struggles of an oppressive, tyrannical, ruling elite. Stay with me, let me explain.

We can all agree that ‘life‘ has value – can we not? 


So as we center our focus back on the story of Chanukah (or Hanukkah) and the symbolism of the LIGHT that chased away the darkness, we can relate it to the chaos found throughout the ages. But….LIGHT always dispels darkness!

Unfortunately, sometimes it has to get very, very dark before a tiny spark of light can make its way through. But when that tiny flame begins to burn and ignite others near … the darkness has no alternative but to recede. As the light illuminates brighter and brighter than all is revealed!

As the light creeps slowly forward to each dank and dark corner, the blackness slinks back to the nether-land from whence it originated. Light takes overlight illuminates. So what does that mean in this day and age?

Personally, this Chanukah was totally different in my own home, in my own personal life. Each candle was lit with purpose, each flame was allowed to breathe and defy gravity as it reached for the heavens. During each night, each lighting, I silently allowed myself to travel through the eons of time, turn the pages of history and breathed life into them as I ‘saw‘ again that ‘all lives matter’. In almost every battle where the oppressed rose up to light the candle for TRUTH and FREEDOM…..LIGHT won!

Let us not forget the lessons of history…whether it be the story of the Maccabean revolt, to our war against England, to our Civil War – all in the pursuit of TRUTH and FREEDOM. So as we rise up together,  LET FREEDOM RING!

So, bottom line………….


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