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A New Year Begins

A New Year Begins

While I understand that each ‘new year’ brings a myriad of opportunities, sometimes, it also leaves one a bit mystified, perplexed and well, downright confused. Of course…all that is hyperbole for us ‘old‘ folks – young -uns don’t really consider any of that, I would venture. At least I never did.

So here I am … the day after. Sitting in an empty house, watching my 4-legged ole gal keep an eagle eye out for wayward squirrels in the yard. A very quiet day indeed. And…therein lies the dilemma ~ or is it? Turning over and over all the birthdays that I’ve had … 72 now … a jumble-fold mix of seasons and a  multitude of memories rise to the surface to tease and surprise, captivate and humiliate. At long last, I can honestly say, I love every single one.

“They … are … me.”

Seventy-two years of love and laughter, tears and rejection ~ good times, bad times … and well, some in-between times. But through them all, I am still standing, still breathing, still looking forward ~ while drawing from my past I will look forward to my future.

As the Brits say……carry on, dear girl, carry on.

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