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Essential Oils


Living in the midwest, one has to wonder when oh when SPRING has really SPRUNG…..those who live here…know of what I speak. Yesterday was almost 80° – yet this morning …. a cool 42°!!! Be still my soul!

However, that will not stop this wanderer from looking for fresh herbs popping up here and there. WAIT! Is that a DANDELION?? MULLEIN??? CHICKWEED?? Be still my soul!

But….there are signs popping up all over! Birds are singing their spring song, brightly dressed daffodils are popping up and yes, those ragged little leaves of my favorite spring dandis are slowly emerging. Why dandi’s do you ask?

Well, let’s examine the goodies! Dandelions are known for their therapeutic properties!

First and foremost, the entire plant – from leaves to flowers to roots are edible and can be used in various concoctions, teas, infusions and more. In England, I hear they make a fizzy drink of that and burdock…mmm…will have to look more into that. The roots can be dried and make a pretty decent coffee (as does chicory root!).

Usually, the younger or smaller leaves are used for salads or as a fresh vegetable (I cook it like spinach) and are very nutritious. The bright yellow flowers heads are delicious dipped in a batter and cooked like a fritter! Or you can use the buds in your salads, or incorporated into an omelette or as a salad decoration. The blossoms even make a delicious wine and/or beer!

As for the details – the greens contain vitamins  A, C, E, K, B6, beta carotene, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, iron, potassium and manganese. This little ‘weed‘ has been used throughout the centuries as a valued herbal treatment for a variety of conditions. It is known to be a herbal benefit for stomach and liver problems, and can be linked to help various other illnesses, such as diabetes, respiratory ailments, and more.

So….while you may be one of those that hate that little self-spreading little yellow weed….you may want to consider adding it to your arsenal for good health!


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