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The 90’s

The 90’s

Ah…..the 90’s… the 1990’s were transformational in my spiritual and physical life.

Sometimes in one’s journey of life a season takes place and events take place that you could never imagine nor even dream about. This was exactly what happened to myself and my family during the next ten years. Searching for TRUTH became an obsession…in fact, it became MY PASSION.

Our first trip, as I shared in the last post, was a complete surprise! It came about through hosting an International Christian Embassy speaker, Jan Willen vanderHoven as he travelled through the United States teaching about Jerusalem, Jews and Christians. During that first of many meetings held concerning this topic, a respected leader from the Missouri Right to Life called me (named Dorothy – can’t remember her last name!) to inquire if he could come visit their office. Of course, I said! They were trying to open an office in Jerusalem and thought he might be able to help them. After the meeting, Dorothy escorted us to the elevator, looked at me with a sly smile and asked if I had ever been to Israel. My answer? ‘No, but next year in Jerusalem!’ And she smiled even bigger and said, ‘This year you will see Jerusalem’! And with that gave me one of the tickets for the next tour for Sukkot! Later in the year, my husband was given a ticket by an older Jewish man we met in Colorado as he insisted that I should not go without him!

What a year….that was 1991. At the end of that trip, in fact the very last day of our trip, we were invited to meet some people that our friends in St. Louis had told us about. They were having an all-day ‘Come to Jesus’ celebration on top of Zion Hill. We went early – and stayed till the last moment before we had to run down the hill to our bus stop to be able to catch our plane! During that meeting, my husband said the “Holy Spirit” was so thick he could cut it with a knife. I had never heard him speak like that before. There were groups that came and went, playing various instruments as they switched out and giving others a chance to worship ‘their’ way. A group from Nigeria played bongos, a lady from my hometown played an accordion, there were flutes, guitars, and more! There was even a tour bus that heard the commotion and stopped and came in – the leader walked up to the front and preached his heart out! They were from Texas. It was the best of times!

So many exciting things happened during that first trip, so many friends made! I couldnt’ wait to return and we hadn’t even left yet!

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