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Bringing It Up To Date

Bringing It Up To Date

Throughout the years, from the mid 1980’s to now 2023, it has been a culmination of lows and highs, ups and downs miracles and seeming disasters….but every single ounce of it was worth the trip!

In a week I will be crossing the golden years into … what? … not sure what they call being 71, but inside I still feel about 35. It’s the body that doesn’t agree!

The future however, looks extremely promising as we go forward. Even though we have seen much in our lifetime, the death of my husband Jim, my youngest son Jason and the imprisonment of my oldest, Jim, time does heal in many ways. Doesn’t mean it goes away, doesn’t mean you totally forget, just means that the Father has healed the deep entrenched tentacles that tried to strangle your pure DNA and quelsh the spirit.

Both Jim and I are in a very good place. Our issues, our hurts, our pain has been addressed, repented of and delivered! We are both in a new ‘space‘ and are looking forward to seeing what the FATHER wants us to proceed in doing for His glory. Neither of us know what that will look like – will we travel the same road together? Will our paths diverge as time goes on? Neither of us know….neither of us care….we simply want to be in HIS WILL and do things HIS WAY!

This brings us up to date … as of today our hearts and faces are looking foward – we covet your prayers and support.

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